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Web Maintenance Packages

In an effort to make web maintenance affordable and customizable, we have several packages available. Our monthly All Inclusive Packages are more generic, whereas our Individual Packages are designed to suit your specific needs. We have 7 Individual Packages3 Monthly Web Maintenance Packages, and 3 Yearly All Inclusive Packages available. If you have any questions please email or call anytime via our contact page. We can also customize any type of monthly plan to suit your needs.

*Note - All packages include marketing on our Mabuhay Designs Facebook Page See individual plans for specifics.


Monthly Web Maintenance, Marketing & SEO Packages


Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing & Web Maintenance 

All Inclusive Monthly Packages

All Inclusive Yearly Packages

*Note - SEO Packages do require some work from you. Descriptions are not included in any of the above plans. Editing of descriptions is included. Clients must submit descriptions in a timely manner for best productivity.