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On Page SEO Services


Let's start with,  What is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how search engines find and analyze your website. Without it your website will be lost in a sea of sites and never be discovered. There are many aspects of SEO and SEO is constantly evolving. Since we all know Google is King when it comes to Search Engines, it's no surprise Google is also the one calling all the shots when it comes to SEO. Every so often Google puts out a new algorithm that it uses to understand what is on a web page and how users interact with these pages. This ever changing  algorithm uses key factors and are all described in Google best practices. That being said, there are two types of SEO, White Hat (which Google Loves) and Blackhat (which Google hates). Let's just say that Google is super smart and trying to fool Google with Black Hat tactics will give your site a bad rap. We only use WhiteHat SEO and strongly suggest that no matter who does the SEO on your website, that you make sure they are using White Hat tactics.


Google Featured Snippet

Here is a little proof that our SEO is working well. This is a Google Featured Snippet we got for parent company Dragonfly Bamboo. If you Google "bamboo fiber facts" you will see our page at the top along with what is called a "Google Featured Snippet" Only given to pages that have excellent SEO and indepth content.

First Company-First Page on Google

We also have 20 first page #1 listings for Dragonfly Bamboo. Here is a page called Bamboo Bike Facts.

On Page SEO

So let's dig a little deeper. There are many ways to improve SEO on your website. One of the most important is OnPage SEO. On Page SEO is exactly what it sounds like, information on your website's pages that search engines can read and it helps them to understand what a particular page is about. This is the first step in the SEO bag of tricks, it is essentially the foundation on which everything else will sit. Without On Page SEO all other SEO efforts will not perform as well as they should. Here is a link to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide. by Google.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO refers to stuff that is outside of your website. Most often it's related to Backlinks and building domain authority. While both On Page and Off Page SEO go hand in hand, it is essential to get your website On Page SEO in order before working on Off Page SEO. Click here for Off Page SEO service. 

What our services include:

  • On Page SEO (White Hat)

  • Website Analysis

  • Keyword & Competitor Research

  • Website Submission (Google & Bing)

  • Meta Description & Tile Tag Optimization

  • 301 Redirects

  • Fix any 404 issues

What we don't include:

  • Backlink Building (Off-Page)

  • Blog Writing

  • Article Writing

SEO Pricing 

We have figured out a simple way to charge for On Page SEO. Each page takes approx 1 hr to make changes on, which includes all the factors above in "What our services include" section. Our rate per basic page is $40.00. Homepages will usually need redesigning, if so the Homepage price is $200. So, depending on how many pages you have on your website, this will determine the total cost for On Page SEO. We like to make it simple and affordable for you. We also include a FREE 3 month checkup to make any adjustments we feel might be necessary once Google starts to rank your pages. 

While we do specialize in Squarespace websites, we are not limited to Squarespace and can work on Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, and any other platform based websites.. We also work on custom coded websites. So if you have a website, we can perfect the On Page SEO.

One last thing.....if you are wondering how long it will take before you will see improvements on your sites SEO, the short answer is approx 3 months. For a more in depth understanding we suggest reading this article from Neil Patel.

SEO Monthly Packages

After hiring us, we recommend signing up for one of our monthly packages. SEO needs continual attention and results will improve more over time with regular maintenance. We offer monthly monitoring and analytic reports to keep you up to date with the changes in ranking. If you blog regularly and add more pages to your site we will optimize those pages and also do any 301 redirects and fix any 404 issues. 

SEO Pricing

On-Page SEO w/out Lessons

On-Page SEO Work with Lessons

Purchase Your Initial On Page SEO Package

Select a Service below. Once added to cart click the cart button and adjust the Qnty to the number of pages on your site that need OnPage SEO. If you are not sure you can contact us first and we will help you verify how many pages need optimizing.


Page Last Updated - 9/11/2018