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In the world of photography there are many talented artists. Their styles vary tremendously, some you may like and there are others that may not be your "cup of tea" regardless the variations are immense. I stumbled upon two photographers that although have very different styles and backgrounds, they a both very deeply in tune with their work and this show in all their photographs. While Kirsty Mitchell uses fashion and nature as her form of expression.

Kristy Mitchell

Claire Martins uses people to convey her message.

Claire Martins

They are two young photographers with very creative photographic visions. The mixed media approach of Kristy Mitchell mimics nature with fashion and creates a very surreal photo that resembles a painting in many ways. Claire Martins works would be characterized as a photograph. She is revealing a message in her work by taking natural photographs of people. Her background as a social worker had led her to use photography as a means of awareness. She is an type of documentary photographer. She does not limit herself to people and in fact also uses nature to communicate her vision while helping spread awareness of the impoverished conditions some people are living in.

I do not see size as an element in either of their work. Mitchell's use of color in nature and fashion is more of an outstanding element in her work. Her attention to details and the balance of both mediums is not only clever but very pleasing to the eye. Martins has a way of capturing amazing expression from nature and people, in its truest form. Her ability to speak loud and clear with a single snap will have you feeling her photos rather than looking at them. The emotion that she evokes from her work is the most important element in her work.

All of the work by Mitchell is amazingly surreal. Her artistic expression explodes from the image with bold colors and creative fashion. The balance of color, between the natural environment and fashion gives these photos an artistic quality and displays the obvious passion she has for her work.

Martins captured the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti . She describes the roves of these building as extremely dangerous, as they tend to crash down on the occupants. Martins also shows her dedication to her art while simultaneously documenting the living conditions of Haiti after a major earthquake.

Earthquake Hati 2012

The digital revolution has expanded the artistic envelope of photography, it gives artist almost full control over their work. The more control you have the more expression you can capture. The digital revolution has made making a photographic image a simple process that anyone can handle. It brought the art form to the public on a massive scale. There are also many software programs that can alter and or enhance the photos for ultimate tuning. The artist can now manipulate their work using a program rather than using a darkroom. Most people did not have their own darkrooms before digital. Today the landscape has changed and amateur photographers from around the world can explore the art of photography and find their own expression.



Kirsty Mitchell

Claire Martins