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Photographic Vision Final Project Life in the Philippines

  1. "The Casaroro Falls are located 15km from Dumaguete . They are approximately 8k from the town of Valencia. The last few kilometers of the steep road to the falls are unpaved. The beautiful waterfalls are reached after descending 335 stairs and walking up canyon approximately one half kilometer along a paved footpath. The falls themselves are over 30m in height and are well known for its fine misty spray that produces as the water tumbles over an almost funnel like chute. The chilling mist is most refreshing in the afternoon after the steep descent on the stairs.Large bamboo and cycads are seen along the trail. A fee of 10 Pesos is taken at the trailhead."
  2. This photo I took at Lake Balanan in Siaton, Negros Oriental, Philippines
  3. This photo I took for one of our projects, I didn't use it, although I really like how it came out. Im not sure exactly what that is but it has cool textures and that"crazy tentacle " look.
  4. Exploring the color Green, this photo has so much movement as if the coconut is propelling forward.
  5. This photo is one of many AMAZING sunsets we get here from our roof top. There's not much to say, I think this one speaks for itself.
  6. The Bacong Cemetery, Negros Oriental, Philippines. This is another favorite of mine.
  7. Another AMAZING sunsets. The sky was on FIRE that evening.
  8. This is from the Black n White photo project. Simple and I like the texture of the tree. I might have captured that with more definition with a better camera.
  9. This picture is of my girlfriend Maria...BEAUTIFUL inside and out! I love the lighting on this, just before sunset.
  10. Selinog Island, Mindanao Philippines