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I want to thank Chris Vetrano for his amazing dedication to detail, for not only seeing the vision I had of my website, but dedicatedly bringing into a fuller life than I even imagined. He worked quickly and most importantly, efficiently with all the complexities my site is, day and night, always available by phone or email to talk and brainstorm with. I am grateful for his knowledge and dedication and would highly recommend him as a truly gifted webmaster!!




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We are the perfect solution for startup companies with a small budget. Our expertise will help you get your business the exposure you need without breaking the bank. Our partner company Dragonfly Bamboo has 65% traffic from organic search. That's right, 65% of the traffic to Dragonfly Bamboo is free traffic! All of the sites we build are responsive and mobile friendly. Which is also crucial in getting the exposure you need to succeed. Below is a graph for 2017, of mobile internet traffic.


Mobile internet traffic -percentage of total web traffic in August 2017, by region.


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